Gallery Space and Poetic Dorks

Expresive Orphan Heads I am excited to announce that I have been juried into Issaquah’s artEAST Gallery! I will now have year-round gallery space for my small encaustic mixed-media pieces.  Please stop by anytime and check it out!

My work is up for sale and reasonably priced!

artEast is located at:

95 Front Street North

Issaquah, WA 98027




Also, it is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! I will be reading Richard Brautigan poems and a few of my own to celebrate at the event below. If you’re a romantic dork with a soft spot for poets, you should come hang out. Poetry Month Reading 2014 KCLS

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Create Without Fear Class February 27th 7pm-8:30pm


I will be teaching a creativity workshop at artEAST this month.
This is where we go balls-out and become creative geniuses!

This workshop is part of our “How do they do that?!” Series. Click here for series description and complete list of workshops in the series.

“I’m not the creative type.” “I wish I could paint or draw.” “I have no talent.” …these are just a few of those negative phrases that haunt us. I believe that anyone who feels it in their heart can truly become the artist that they’ve always dreamed of.

We wish to create art, but sometimes feel as though something is holding us back. What is it that stifles us from doing what we really want to do? FEAR. We are meant to create and express ourselves but it can be so hard to get started.

In this workshop we will learn how to unclog our own criticisms and explore our creativity with a series of spiritual exercises with our sketchbooks. Students need to bring their favorite drawing utensils and a crisp new sketchbook suitable for mixed media which we will ravage and seduce with our vivid imaginations!

Time to face your creative fears! Start the snowball effect into your own personal style and begin the journey of becoming the artist you’ve always dreamed of.

Instructor: Jacquelyn Fedyk

Class Fee: $25/Member, $30/non-Member

(see above for REQUIRED materials to bring)

Prerequisite: None
Levels/Age: All/18+
Location: artEAST Art Center at 95 Front St N, Issaquah, WA 98027

To sign up for this class, click (HERE)!

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Martin Luther King Day and a Year of Compassion Meditation

Last year on Martin Luther King day I took a meditation workshop. In honor of Dr. King we learned a compassion meditation that I have now been practicing regularly for a year. It has made a profound difference in my life. It completely changed the way I think of and deal with myself, my environment and the people in my life. It has helped me overcome heartache. It has helped me to repair the most damaged and toxic relationships in my life. It has helped me heal and it has helped me to become a kinder and more loving person. To do this meditation find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and give yourself 15 minutes to half an hour.

I perform this meditation at least once a week and sometimes several times a week when I am in a dark place inside.

Here’s how it goes:

First you address yourself and repeat these words in your mind three times.

I am safe, I am happy and healthy in my mind, I am happy and healthy in my body, I am happy and healthy in spirit, may I know the ease of well-being.

You address yourself first because you must first experience compassion toward yourself. When you repeat these phrases to yourself really imagine that you are safe, really imagine how it would feel to be happy and healthy in your mind, body and spirit. Feel the ease of well-being.

Now think of the person that you have the most trouble with in your life. For now we’ll call that person, Bill. Bill is full of drama and ill will and causes you the most pain in your life. Find your “Bill” and repeat these phrases three times replacing Bill with the person that you have the most trouble with in your life. This was hard for me at first, to turn my angst for a toxic person in my life into compassion, but it really heals those wounds. Hate in the heart is a poison! Get rid of it with compassion!

Bill, you are safe. You are happy and healthy in your mind, you are happy and healthy in your body, you are happy and healthy in your spirit. Bill, may you know the ease of well-being. 

Now you repeat the meditation for the area you live in. If you live in Seattle then the phrases may go like this:

People of Seattle, you are safe. You are happy and healthy in your mind, you are happy and healthy in your body, you are happy and healthy in your spirit. People of Seattle, may you know the ease of well-being.

Next for the meditation, think of a country that you barely know anything about, and repeat the phrases for the people you don’t know and may never meet in this lifetime. Really imagine them to be all the things you mention in your meditation. I’ll use the Ukraine here for an example, you may choose your own. I choose a different location every time I do this meditation.

People of Ukraine, you are safe. You are happy and healthy in your mind, you are happy and healthy in your body, you are happy and healthy in spirit. People of the Ukraine may you know the ease of well-being.

To end this meditation you imagine the Earth in whole. Think about the entire globe as your home and one giant living ecosystem. It’s where you were born, it’s where you live and it’s where you will die. Find in your heart a moment’s compassion for every vegetable, animal and mineral that makes up our Earthly home and repeat these phrases three times.

Planet Earth, you are safe. You are happy and healthy in your mind, you are happy and healthy in your body, you are happy and healthy in spirit. Planet Earth may you know the ease of well-being. 

I’ve been doing various versions of this meditation for a whole year now. It is my favorite meditation and the one I go to most often. It has dramatically changed how I feel and I really do feel so much happier and healthier. I have so much love in my heart that it’s constantly over-flowing. My relationships with my family, my friends and my community are so much healthier and fulfilling.

Maybe it will help you too. So with all the love in my heart, I share my experience with you! ❤

Photo from Upworthy's Fackbook page. It inspired today's post.

Photo from Adam Mordecai’s Fackbook page. It inspired today’s post.

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Let Me Into Your Studio with Leslie Nan Moon

by Leslie Nan Moon

by Leslie Nan Moon

I am so in love with art and creativity and I am so in love with artists and how and where they create the things they do.

I want to learn more so I’m openly requesting artist’s to let me into their studios and workshops. I’m asking to learn about their process and the materials that they use to create.

Then I arrange to spend a day with them just hanging out and making art (on their turf). I’m calling these discovery dates!

The first artist to let me into their studio is my very good friend and co/collaborator Leslie Nan Moon.

Leslie Nan Moon - linocut and block print artist

Leslie Nan Moon – linocut and block print artist

Leslie Nan Moon is a lino-cut/block print artist and she is very good at what she does. She received a BFA in printmaking in 1994 and has 20 years experience and a prolific art career.

My friend Kristen and I went to Leslie’s house where she creates her art and got a lesson in block printing.

Leslie works 95% of the time with battleship gray linoleum but when working with beginners she has her students use Safety-Kut printmaking blocks because they are softer and easier to carve than linoleum. That’s better for the unskilled carvers hand (like mine).

First we sketched or traced an image onto the block. Then we traced it with a sharpy and tried to create an image that separates  clearly with contrast. Contrast is the key to creating a good image with a block print. You also have to remember that you’re creating a mirror image in the carving and that you’ll have to flip the image when you print your block, this is especially important when using type.

After we had our image on our block, we carved it out with special carving tools of various size and shape. Then you take your block to the printing table, ink up a brayer using water soluble, cheapo Speedball ink (Leslie regularly uses Daniel Smith water soluble printmaking relief ink). Then you use the brayer to ink your block. You have to be careful not to get too much or too little ink. Too much fills in your contrast lines and too little creates a faded image.

Once you’re satisfied with your inking you lay the paper on top of the print and rub it all over. You don’t turn it over and use it like a stamp, it’s much more intimate. 😉

It takes a few practice prints to get a crisp clean image.

I made a self-portrait. I’m studying self-portraits on my own right now and Leslie informed me that that was what I would be working on that day.

Self Portrait Block Print by Jacquelyn Fedyk

Self Portrait Block Print by Jacquelyn Fedyk

It seems appropriate to do self-portraits, it really puts me into the elements and helps me create in my own way.  I think I’ll keep that in mind when I get off to my next discovery date with the next artist who will let me into their studio!

Thank you to my friend Leslie for sharing her time, studio and creative knowledge with me. It is such an amazing feeling to work with an artist on their own creative turf. I learned a new way to express myself and got to spend time with an amazing lady!

Leslie is a gallery artist at artEAST in Issaquah, Washington and shows in many cafes and art fairs around the Seattle area. You can also find her work at CRASH BANG BOOM in Philadelphia.

(Click Here) to check out Leslie’s blog.

Wanna learn how to make block prints too?

(Click Here) to enroll in Leslie’s Block Print Valentine’s Workshop February 6th 6:30pm-9:30pm at artEAST.

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I had an epiphany!

spreading love

Things have been slow for me in my personal artistic journey for quite some time now.

I have been participating in art in the community with The Black Dog Arts Coalition and I’ve’ve been volunteering with an art program at my son’s grade school. I love doing these things but I haven’t been interested in anything else for a long time or at least I didn’t know what I wanted to experiment with next.

I love serving my community through art and I will always be doing that, but at home, in my studio, I was blocked and couldn’t get much work done there.

Just now I was upstairs watching Eddie Martinez’s episode of Art 21 while I was eating my lunch and I had an epiphany!

I was watching him paint and thinking…

This guy seems cool.

Wow, look how big his studio is.

I kind of wish I could go and hang out with him and paint.

I like his dog.

Then …POW! I got excited about making art again! I found something new to be interested in; a new way to learn and grow and have experiences.

I want to arrange art dates with other artists. I want to go to their studios and workspaces and have them show me their materials and process and I want to see what I can come up with on my own, but in their world.

I don’t want to copy their art or their style or anything like that. I just want to learn about how they create and experiment with it in my own way. I want to understand creativity more by creating with others and exploring what drives them to do what they do.

The great thing about this idea is that I’m pretty sure that I can get started right away. I know, and I am friends with a lot of the artist’s in the Valley where I live. I know a few people who I think will agree to help me out with this experiment.

So here I go off into the world to see who will let me into their world.

To be continued with the story of who let’s me into their studio first…

Wish me luck. 🙂

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Brains Are Electric

Brains Are Electric

My band, The Little Black Bottles are working on a new album called Malicious Kisses.

We will be releasing the tracks one at a time on BandCamp until the album is finished.

Malicious Kisses is a collection of electronic love songs sure to program you into a hopeless romantic!

Please enjoy our first single off the forthcoming album.


Check it out (here).

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Agatha Hattie available for $0.99 on Amazon Kindle this Halloween Season!

Jackie and Leslie Proof

If you haven’t had a chance to read our creepy tale about a sweet little girl who gets bit by a Vampire Dog and becomes Queen of all the Monsters, then now is a great time!

Agatha Hattie, Queen of the Night is on sale for the Kindle for $0.99 through the month of November! It’s a great family read for Creepy Fall Nights…

Check it out (HERE).

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