Teaser for my new book…

My new book “Allegory of the Dolls” is due to come out on blurb.com early in July 2010.

The book is a collection of photos and poems of and about dolls I found in flea markets and thrift stores.

I had two rules when working on this project:

1)      I wasn’t allowed to move the dolls from where ever it was that I had found them. I could only photograph them where they lay.

2)      Once I named the photo, that name was to be the title of the poem. So whatever the photo was called, that’s what the poem was to be about, and I wasn’t allowed to change it.

Here is a bit of a teaser regarding the content of ALLEGORY OF THE DOLLS:

Assembly Required from "Allegory of the Dolls" by Jacquelyn Fedyk

Assembly Required

I’m as delicate as tea cup

In pieces now I sleep

How have I become so broken up?

When did I fall so deep?

Who will pick up the parts and arrange them into me?

Will I ever become a whole again?

When will I be set free?

I remember a time when I was cherished and admired

But if anybody wants me now…

Some assembly is required

all photos and text ©Jacquelyn Fedyk 2010

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