A Letter to My Muse

Dear Muse,

Let me start by saying thank you for haunting my brain. I would like to take this time to apologize to you for several things. The first being the many times that you have whispered sweet somethings into my ear and I just let them float away. I really regret doing that and I offer you my most sincere apologies. I would also like to say I’m sorry for all the times I have NOT thanked you for the infinite wisdom that you have chosen to bestow upon me. Thank you Muse, you know, for the infinite wisdom.

Muse, I would like you to know that I treasure you. I am currently taking steps to document all the wonders that you surround me with. I respect your methods, but you have not made it easy Muse. I receive most of your messages at inopportune times; in the shower, while I’m doing the dishes, while I’m driving, when I’m elbows deep in mayo (don’t ask).  So to remedy the situation, I plan on having a Dictaphone available to record messages I receive in the shower and while I’m driving. I imagine I should be a lot like Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks, and I think I’ll even call my devise Dianne.  Now I shall not miss an opportunity to catch the ideas that you cast into my rivers like fish. Waste not, want not.

I would now like to take a moment to apologize to you for the several week dry spell in which I did not write or draw a thing for you.  I had an accident walking the dog which resulted in a dislocated knee cap, a torn meniscus, a severe allergic reaction and blood clots in my leg. I was on bed rest for nearly two months and had a spell of dark depression and a near death experience. During the two weeks in which I was bed bound waiting for surgery I was determined to use the time to my advantage and during this time I wrote a song for our band The Little Black Bottles and six chapters to novel I am currently working on. It’s true I did all of this writing under the influence of pain meds, I have yet to go back and read the chapters I had written during this time, should be interesting. That song came out pretty good though. The weeks following the surgery, I neglected my writing and for that Muse, I am truly sorry.

I am happy now to report that I am fast on the mend and things are slowly but surely getting back to normal. I have a few issues to deal with at home; my office had been turned into a guest room to accommodate friends and family that had stayed with us to help me. Thank you to Buffy, Cara and Eric for their assistance, I couldn’t have gotten well without you.

Muse, I honor you. Thank you so much for inspiring me to create such wonderful things. Starting Monday, I shall once again devote my free time to creating your characters, building your worlds and writing your stories. I am ready to absorb, filter and create your wonders.

I treasure you, I respect you.  I honor you and pledge my service to you. Please allow me to do your amazing, fantastical, creative bidding.

Let’s concur the world and create some new ones.

Your loyal Minion,

Jacquelyn Fedyk

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One Response to A Letter to My Muse

  1. I think your Muse totally understands. It is a friend after all, yes? And friends understand. And stand by. Regardless. Be well, my friend. I’m glad you’re back in the saddle. Have missed your creative energies and beauty.

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