Poem A Day – December 1st


By Jackie Fedyk

Based on a prompt suggested by Misty Sprouse

(Prompt – Misty, a friend from my college years says “Talk about seeing tongues when people kiss! I was watching Top Gun on tv last night and totally remembered you liked that kissing scene in the movie!”)



Sirens wail and faces drift toward each other with timid uncertainty

They jerk back in apprehension before joining in consent

The first realizing that the other wants what they want

The heart is not the only organ where the beats of anticipation are felt

Electricity throbs inside, pounding currents of bliss like a sonic boom

The epicenter rings out heat in vibrating circles like ripples in a pond

Skipping stones to engulf the aura around, the color glows red

The mouths touch and open releasing two raining, glistening slugs who acknowledge one another carefully in mutual lust

Eyes close, lips part and the soft, warm, pink tongues tangle in a measured dance

The language is spoken by tongue but words do not form

The language rolls and slithers from one entrance to the other

The message is clear, the doorway is open

One tongue welcomes the other as do the souls in passion

The embrace may be the first of many between the two

It may be the last

No matter if this meeting was born of boredom or bears from emotion

It happens just the same and I like to watch…




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