Poem A Day – December 3rd

Single Girl in 35b

By Jackie Fedyk

Based on the prompts:

“Pickle chips and toenails (*pass the rum*)” suggested by Casz Brewster and “Scabs and Perfume” suggested by Heather Ruhl Rather

Single Girl in 35b

In a pink flower wallpapered apartment

Just off Avenue C and Roadsdale

Pickle chips and toenails litter the coffee table

Down goes the sun no time to pass the rum

It’s Friday night and do you know what that means?

No, it isn’t date night, not for single girl in 35b

Friday nights are for brushing her cats

Thomas, Mew Mew, Scruggs and Flats

It’s for tweezing her whiskers and eyebrows

It’s for reorganizing her Precious Moments collection

It’s for making Wilson Phillips mix tapes and chocolate confections

Friday nights are for eating an entire box of Fiddle Faddle

And tuning into reruns of Press Your Luck on the Game Show Network Channel

It’s a night for picking scabs and dusting the shelves that hold her vintage novelty Avon perfume bottles

Friday is a night for crocheting doilies and latch hooking unicorns

Macramé, fish pâté and movies with Anne Hathaway

Staying up late, who needs a date?

With fantasies of Steve Gutenberg and a plate of Lean Cuisine

The single queen of 35b is living her lifelong dream…

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