Poem A Day – December 4th

Spokey Dokies

By Jackie Fedyk

(Inspired by the prompt “spokey dokies” suggested by Myke Fedyk. Spoky Dokies were the little plastics beads that you put on your bicycle spokes, they made little tinkle noises when you rode slow. I had them on my bike when I was a kid.)


Spoky Dokies

Tiny beads on the spokes of my bike

Twinkle like magic nearly home at twilight

Been out all day exploring and forging

My pockets so full of treasure, they’re bulging


This morning I waded down in the crick

There I set sail my newspaper ship

Then down to the gazebo to meet the gang

We lit some fire works

And scared the birds with a BANG!


I had some lunch with my Aunt Ellen

We had tea cakes, peanut butter and watermelon

Then I went to the old lady’s at the end of the street

She lets me play with her doll house

And boy is it neat


I went to Huxley’s to buy some sweets

I rode all day up and down these streets

And on the way home as my bicycle slowed down

My Spoky Dokies were the only sweet sound


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