Poem A Day – December 5th

Mariposa Quinceanera

By Jackie Fedyk

(A poem based on Shelby Evans’ favorite word “Quinceanera”.)


Mariposa Quinceanera

My mother once told me

A woman is like a butterfly

Damita is me as a young girl

A caterpillar fresh and new

Leaping Lepidoptera

Bathing in the morning dew

At age fourteen I spin a cocoon

My metamorphosis will commence

Today I’ll materialize though a flowered gateway

Escorted by my Padre, I must do so with confidence

The last doll shall be bestowed with whispers of childhood’s muse

I’ll leave behind a young girl’s life and walk in a woman’s shoes

We’ll dance and feast to celebrate

And then I’ll emerge to meet my fate

Blossomed like a poinsettia

Mariposa Quinceanera


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