Poem A Day December 7th

Clyde McFee and His Boys of Three

By Jackie Fedyk

(Based on the three word prompt “Tractor, Carpet, Banana” suggested by Melinda Johnston.)

Clyde McFee and His Boys of Three

Clyde McFee had boys of three

He named them after his three favorite things

The oldest was born near the nuclear reactor

Clyde took him home and called him Tractor

Tractor is the perfect name for a boy who’s born that way

Since it was Clyde’s 35’ Farmall that brought him home that day

Clyde had a beautiful wife by the name of Charlotte

His finest gift to her was an expensive and fancy luxury shag carpet

He finished installing it the morning the second boy came

And that’s how that boy’s name became one and the same

Boy number three was born on vacation in Nevada

Entered the world in a Bonanza themed cabana

Clyde told his wife to name him Bonanza

But she misheard him and called the baby Banana

And that’s how it came to be

Clyde McFee and his boys of three

Three of the strangest names to ever be

Tractor, Carpet and Banana McFee

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