Poem A Day December 8th

The Mayor Got Away With It

By Jackie Fedyk

(Based on the prompt “Nail Clippers, Sunrise and Candy Cane” suggested by Kelly Mitchell Goscinski.)


The Mayor Got Away With It


I had to use my nail clippers to pry open the lock

It was sunrise and I followed the mayor all the way down to the docks

He left the Ridgeway Hotel Ballroom at a quarter to eight

His wife was escorted home, so he could pick up his date

At ten o’clock they had cocktails at Winston’s in the city

His date had candy cane colored shoes; she was young and very pretty

I was hired by the paper

A smag rag reporter and private investigator

At twelve o’clock they got in the car and drove to a private location

A tall apartment building next to the railway station

I couldn’t get in so I held up a lamppost and smoked a pack of Lucky’s

I went and got a box of chicken over from Kentucky’s

I was there till four a.m.

That’s when the trouble was about to begin

I was surprised to see headlights recklessly driving up the road

It was the mayor’s wife and boy was she loaded

And I don’t mean she was drink’n it up and having fun

No man, little sister was wearing red and pack’n a gun

There was a ruckus and the lights went on in the second window on the second floor

A shot rang out and in several minutes some bodies left the front door

One appeared to be dragging behind less lively than before

I didn’t see who was down for the count behind

But there was one detail freeze framed in my mind

Everything went black and white like my brain had blown a fuse

Everything except a pair of candy cane colored high heeled shoes

The party took the limo down to the docks on Bridges’ Pier

They pulled into a boat house and I followed them all the way there

At five o’clock a.m. I saw the mayor with his wife

They left the pier in shambles look’n like a couple of lowlifes

When I entered the boat house the sunrise crawled across the floor

And illuminated a pair of candy cane colored pumps

But all they were connected to were two lifeless bloody stumps


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