Poem A Day December 12th

Mocha Newspaper Headphones

By Jackie Fedyk

(Based on the prompt “Mocha, Newspaper, Headphones” suggested by Casz Brewster.)


Mocha Newspaper Headphones

Mr. Rumple Bottoms is a fat and scholarly tabby cat

We live together in my three bedroom flat

We’ve been here for about fifteen years

The slightest change in our routine almost never appears

Each and every day I feed Mr. Rumple Bottoms his breakfast of salmon locks

Then I put on my shoes and socks

I grab my brief case, my coat and hat

Then I’m off to the office just like that

Today I hired a young new secretary by the name of Shirley

She did her job so well; we were able to go home early

Today was a first in my whole career

I had never gone home early, not in over fifteen years

I entered my flat expecting to find Mr. Rumple Bottoms asleep on his thrown

But he wasn’t there and I was all alone

I searched every room until I came to my own

And suddenly I entered the Twilight Zone

Mr. Rumple Bottoms was surely at home

He was on my bed drinking mocha and reading the newspaper while wearing headphones

He looked up and found me standing still as stone

Put down his paper and asked me

If I liked the Ramones


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