Poem A Day December 13th

Ballad of Anthurium

By Jackie Fedyk

(Inspired by the prompt “Anthurium, Window, Ceramic” suggested by Heather Ruhl Rather.)

Ballad of Anthurium

Anthurium, where have you been?

Greeting the world with your beautiful erection?

Saluting, you stand in full attention

You’re perfect, stunning and did I mention

You’re such a cocky bastard

Through this milky mirror window

I watch your metamorphosis cast its shadow

You harvest your seed across the meadow

Impregnating the earth as spring winds blow

The land grows white and pure as snow

You’re such a macho bastard

You’ll be cut down in full blossom panic

You’ll live your days in a vase of ceramic

A pretty face in the soul of botanic

Your spirit on fire raging volcanic

You’re such a lucky bastard

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