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Bewildered Veteran of Sanity ©Jacquelyn Fedyk 2010 Allegory of the Dolls

Important update on my blurb book Allegory of the Dolls:

I just want to tell you something that makes this book extra awesome. I uploaded it to blurb at 2:00 in the morning several months ago, and when I did I noticed that my name wasn’t on the cover, so I took it off and typed my name on the cover and uploaded it again. When I did this my name was also automatically transfered to the title page as part of the title, where it already said Allegory of the Dolls by Jacquelyn Fedyk. I didn’t notice this until weeks later.

So now the title of the book seems to be:

“Allegory of the Dolls by Jacquelyn Fedyk by Jacquelyn Fedyk”.

So there you have it, a major published mistake on my part. I’m planning on correcting it sometime soon, so now is your chance to own what could possibly become a “collectors item” (should I actually get famous for my creations like I so often fantasize about)…
Yeah, so order my flawed book now and someday it could possibly be worth a fortune.
Yeah, you could sell in on Ebay for thousands of dollars…
it could happen…
might be a good investment…

Your pal forever,
Jacquelyn Fedyk Jacquelyn Fedyk :)



10:45 am January 26, 2011. Just corrected the book, so if you have an old copy of Allegory of the Dolls its so very frigg’n rare now!
The new and improved book is now online and  *PERFECT* !

I hope you enjoy it.
Your Pal,


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