Poem A Day December 26th

Desert Jack

(Vintage poetry from my college years)


By Jackie Schneider, sometime in the late 90’s

Schneider is my maiden name, in case you were wondering…


Desert Jack


To be or not to be

The desert wind blows cactus free

Jack sits on a thrown of hows and whats

Paper dolls and paper cuts

Ticking time and talking trash

Parties, fanfare, hoola-hash

Windows with pretentious shades

Shadows made of marmalade

Luscious locks of a lover’s lust

Vanishing in the desert dust


That is the question

The desert insists

Flashing white light

Between lips to be kissed

Raging souls and raging fists

Chattering teeth and bleeding wrists

Sadness, sorrow, tuna fish

Doorways with forgetful knobs

Silhouettes made of shish-cabob

Sterling strands of a stranger’s stage

Eluding you turning the desert’s page


Weather it is nobler

The desert blows the cactus sober

Jack sits with desire

Next to black birds on a telephone wire

Bars for jail, bars for drinking

Ships for sail, ships for sinking

Flying, souring, wishful thinking

Portholes with a gluttonous sign

Dark casts made of red velvet wine

Reddened ropes of a realist’s reign

Dwindling in the desert’s pain






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