Poem A Day December 29th

Ginny Green Teeth

By Jackie Fedyk


When we were children our parents put us out to sea

We were piled in a longship that navigated the bounding waves of aqua foam

Once we were all aboard

My father cut the rope and the children drifted off alone

We waved to our mothers and fathers who stood knee deep in January snow

We must make it to the island to survive the winter, rations then were low

Our compass was broken and we sailed all night into an icy reef

An ominous light broke the surface from an underwater cave beneath

We had trespassed on the home of Ginny Green Teeth


Mothers warn their babes not to wade out too deep

The emerald glow beneath the sea is a sign of Ginny Green Teeth

A sea hag with a ravenous appetite for little boys and girls

She haunts the ocean waves and quietly rolls in along their curls

Her skin is green and scaled

Her teeth are razor sharp

She’ll pull you under water and drain the essence from your heart

She’ll take the breath from your chest and feast upon its sweetness

Then she’ll drag your lifeless body deep into the dark abyss


We were only children then when the witch of the sea attacked that night

Babes were lost by the dozens frozen in time by fright

That was 40 years ago, now I’m an old man returning in a submarine diver

I’ve come to explore watery graveyard of my childhood friends

For I’m the only survivor




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