Poem A Day December 30th

Alice’s Final Escapade

By Jackie Fedyk


She is chasing a rabbit of white

You know this story

And what’s about to take flight

The rabbit escapes through a darkened abyss

Down a shadowy burrow with obstacles and twists

He has eluded her with a wind and a whirl

She’s left behind a sad ignorant girl

With a carless misstep she’s swallowed by a hole in the earth

To question curiosity and what is it worth

She descends down the chamber of forgotten, misplaced things

Items left behind from peasants and kings

Cold colors flash like aura borealis

So begins the adventure of our dear little Alice

What will she come about this time you ask?

Put your question to the rabbit as he removes his mask

This is Alice’s final escapade she heaves short of breath

The rabbit she chases can only be Death

But fear not my children she shall curiously explore

The garden behind mortality’s secret veiled door

Garden Behind Tiny Door ©Jacquelyn Fedyk 2010



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