Poem A Day December 31st

The Gift

By Jackie Fedyk


Rocket scientist Helen Bucklebean is hard at work in her lab

Beakers empty into jars

Fluids bubble and change color

Smoke rises from the experiments in tiny mushroom cloud plums

The hands on the clock spin with the frenzy of her determination

Beads of perspiration drip onto her white lab coat as her goggles steam up

With a steady hand and a shaky heart she delivers what should be the final ingredient


The Gift is born fully formed in a bright yellow box

With the glorious words printed across “THE GIFT”

If one was not familiar with the experiment

One could possibly mistake THE GIFT for a box of contemporary laundry detergent

But the magic that lies within can clean more than your soiled underpants

It is the most perfect, contained, pure gift that anyone could ever hope to receive

The gift makes you happy

The gift makes you strong

The gift makes right out of everything wrong

Helen Bucklebean took the gift and gave it to the first person she met on the street

The person was a man by the name of Guy McDann

The gift made him happy

The gift made him strong

The gift made right out of all of his wrongs

Guy McDann asked Helen Bucklebean to be his wife

They were married and Guy McDann took his bride

To meet his parents

Mrs. McDann was uppity and crude

Mr. McDann was boisterous and rude

Helen Bucklebean McDann warmly held out her hand

She offered them THE GIFT

But the McDanns declined

The usefulness of the gift was ignored and rejected

It shattered on the floor and Helen gathered and collected

The pieces

She toiled and troubled and boiled and bubbled

But could never get the recipe right

She worked all day and slaved by night

And finely the gift was born again

Only this time Helen Bucklebean-McDann will makes sure she shares it only with a friend…







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