From Everything Alice…

"A Curious White Rabbit" from Everything Alice ©Jacquelyn Fedyk 2011

These photos were originally from an art show at a pizza place and later I deiced to put them all together in a book. I have a bit of an Alice/Fairy Tale obsession and putting this project together was extremely satisfying.

I’d like to say thanks to my pal Jenny who encouraged me and also starred in this series, we even made the dress together. I loved working on this project I hope you enjoy it as well.

In the first photo “A Curious White Rabbit” we find Alice awaking in her fantasy world after drinking from a mysterious  bottle marked “Drink Me”. Here she becomes the characters she longs to know, having adventures and conversations entirely by herself.

"Rather Handsome Pig" ©Jacquelyn Fedyk 2011 from Everything Alice

The idea behind “A Rather Handsome Pig” is taken right from the book “Alice in Wonderland” where Alice tries to save a baby from a hostile environment of noxious pepper and flying dishes. Once she gets the baby outside it turns into a pig.

"Alice in Tideland" ©Jacquelyn Fedyk 2011 from Everything Alice

“Alice in Tideland” was completely inspired by the Terry Gilliam movie “Tideland“. It’s a beautiful and disturbing film hinting in its own dark way toward a Wonderland all its own.

You can order your copy of Everything Alice “Snapshots from the darker side of Wonderland”  here.

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