Nuclear Fallout Spectacles

"Nuclear Fallout Spectacles" from Allegory of the Dolls ©Jacquelyn Fedyk 2011

Nuclear Fallout Spectacles

By Jackie Fedyk

I come from Survival Town

Deep in the Nevada Desert

My radioactive dog Neutron

Brings in shreds of the morning paper

I put on my nuclear fallout spectacles

Fission, Fusion and Radiation

Are the common headlines

I reach out a hand and hold steady my tea table

As another atomic blast blows the roof from my house

One wall is left standing in front of me as I sit in my chair

The glass is gone but the window is there

Through shards of broken glass I see a mushroom cloud in the distance

Powerful winds blow my hat miles away

But not my Nuclear Fallout Spectacles

Not today

As the blast subsides I reach for my chipped and fragmented tea cup

I take an atomic sip and finish reading my paper

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