Bro Anthem – Live From the Watermelon Room

Welcome to February Video Theater, Live From the Watermelon Room. My husband Myke and I have a band called The Little Black Bottles, and this month I will be posting as many homemade music videos as I possibly can. We are currently working very hard on our first full length LP called “Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake” and for the month of February you can download our EP “Werewolf of Moncton” at for FREE! You know you want it!

I will be performing original songs (and maybe some covers too) in the Watermelon Room with just my ukulele, then I’ll be editing public domain videos to accompany said music for your amusement.

However, our first installment is a bit more personal, a song about two brothers who were best friends, my Dad and my Uncle. My love for music was wholly inspired by my Uncle Jimi and my Dad. My Dad helped cultivate my Alice Cooper obsession and I seriously looked up to my Uncle Jimi who was in an 80’s Butt Rock Band called Stretcher “Stretching Rock to Its Limits”.

This song is dedicated to the loving memory of Joey (my Dad) and Jimi (my Uncle), we sure miss you guys.

Please enjoy our first video of the month, Bro Anthem:

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