The Tiny Echoes

Well I have learned a lot during my month of video making and experimentation. I now have basic knowledge of how to create and edit my own videos and I have also become an expert on the media available in the public domain archives. For my  last video this month I’m posting a mini documentary that I made from some footage I recorded at my friend Eric’s BFA Thesis Exhibition at the University of Washington. I started this project in movie maker and found that I was not achieving the results that I wanted so, this project was done in Corel Video Studio, I had to make an upgrade and I’m glad I did because now I’ll be able to do all kinds of cool film projects including stop motion animation and 3D! But for now please enjoy The Tiny Echoes.

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3 Responses to The Tiny Echoes

  1. eric petterson says:

    this is so AWESOME! I AM IN MY ELEMENT! thank you Jackie! great video, I really like the part at the end when both of my GRANDMOTHERS are gesturing around.
    please keep doing this. hearts ——e

  2. eric petterson says:

    i hope other people watch adventuretime

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