31 Pieces 1-1

31 Pieces 1-1 by Jackie Fedyk

This month’s project gets me back to pen and paper, a place a I have foolishly been neglecting to visit. My chops are getting rusty and I hope to have remedied this by the end of the month with daily practice.

31 Pieces is to be a collection of drawings I do based on random suggestions from 31 different people. The drawings will be done on pieces of an 18×24 inch piece paper that I tore into 31 empty canvases.  A small pen and ink drawing will be posted daily during March and I may add paint and color to some, depending on my mood and the mood of the piece. At the end of the month I hope to puzzle the tiny drawings back together into one whole unit that will convey the random ideas of 31 different people.

If you have an idea for a drawing for this project send it in to me by email . I would much appreciate your creative participation.

31 Pieces 1-1

Suggestion sent in by my high school friend Alina.

Alina writes “I would like for you to draw Roy looking down my blouse, like he use to do in your kitchen.”

The person “Roy” whom Alina is referring to is an imaginary boyfriend that I dated in high school. I didn’t seem to be considered desirable for dating by the boys at my school for one reason or another. I like to think that maybe they thought of me as really cute, but too weird to pursue, because I know I was super cute and funny but I have my own way of doing things. At any rate I never spent a date night alone. I always had Roy. He was fair of skin and dark of hair, which he wore in the same fashion as Robert Smith of The Cure and he was utterly romantic and perfect for me in every way. Roy had one flaw though. He did love to see me get jealous and would often flirt with my friends when they came over. He would, for instance, look down Alina’s blouse to see if he could get a rise out of me and that is what I’ve illustrated here. In this drawing Roy is transcending the fourth dimension to sneak a peek at my friend’s cleavage, she sits innocently unaware of his inappropriate behavior because only I could see Roy, but I keep her up to speed with a scandalous narration of Roy’s actions. She loved to tease…

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One Response to 31 Pieces 1-1

  1. Skullaflies – I love skulla flies – human skulls with butterfly wings – they can be cute and bright – or dark and frightening. My suggestion.



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