31 Pieces 1-3

31 Pieces 1-3 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s drawing request brought to you by DW.

DW writes in “Hey. Wait. Don’t you owe me something paid…?”

DW is referring to a painting I promised him several months ago.

I’ve done one other painting for DW, he wanted himself immortalized in one of those Dogs Playing Poker paintings, so I made one for him.

DW is an awesome and generous friend whom I love to paint for. His current request is for a painting of him in a scholarly study sitting in a leather armchair smoking a pipe and wearing a fez and a kimono. Seated beside him he would like a chimpanzee in the same outfit engaging in the very same activity.

I have not felt the right moment to work on this painting yet, but I will call in a teaser, in this drawing is a chimpanzee in a fez smiling. He’s letting us know that he’s here, ready and willing for the moment I’m ready to immortalize him in a masterpiece next to his new comrade.

The Chimp’s name is Earl Tallywhacker, he is an opium addict and the world’s only primate calligrapher. He loves Fig Newtons, Crown Royal,  the 60’s television show The Monkees, playings spoons, translating Shakespeare sonnets by calligraphy and of coarse smoking opium.

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One Response to 31 Pieces 1-3

  1. Beth says:

    I for one can’t wait to see the final painting and it sounds like you have found (created) the one and only perfect companion for DW.

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