31 Pieces 1-4

31 Pieces 1-4 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s drawing was requested by Nicole.

Nicole writes “A gnome.” and there we have it. Today’s drawing is of a gnome, a gnome by the name of Charles Wallace.

Charles Wallace’s burrow is tucked away in Manhattan’s Central Park. He was born there in the late 1600s before the famous park even existed. Charles Wallace is a hard worker, leader of The Gnome Liberation Front, a botanist,  and an genius at playing the piccolo. He is well thought of in the underground gnome communities, however he is infamous for his unusual vice.

Charles Wallace is obsessed with women’s fashion footwear. He has a most terrible habit of nabbing high fashion pumps when stylish women enter the park. If a woman walks in wearing designer shoes, Charles Wallace is quickly at her heels anxiously awaiting a moment when the woman’s guard is down so that he may run off with her shoes.

In this drawing we see the longing, lustful look of Charles Wallace when his eyes have rested upon a pair of bright red $2000 Italian stiletto pumps.

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