31 Pieces 1-5

31 Pieces 1-5 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request is brought to us by Greg.

Greg writes in “How about the shadowy creatures you only glimpse at the corner of your eye?”

The shadowy creatures I glimpse from the corner of my eye? Yeah, I’m familiar with those guys. I’ve drawn them before. I’ve seen them before, slinking around pretending to be one thing or another. A nasty claw reaches out for you…or is it the end of your umbrella propped up against the back of a chair? Slimly tentacles grasp out to grope you…you look cautiously behind to find nothing but an awkward branch from your indoor house plant.

Three worlds collide, the world we live in, the shadow land of the dark wolf and the bright realm of the white dog. Everyday we walk the veils of the world we know and the worlds we cannot see except from the corner of the eye, where the dark beasts are waiting to pull us into their shadows. Never fear, stay focused and look ahead, there exists a warm welcoming light in the distance, a land of illumination where shadows cannot consume us.

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