31 Pieces 2-2

31 Pieces 2-2 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request comes from Tommia who was inspired to send in a challenge after attending the Emerald City ComiCon.

Tommia writes in; “A middle-school student/cartoonist’s desk.”

Yeah, so this is the most challenging request so far, but the first thing I thought of was the desk where I learned how to draw when I was in school.

You see, I was a loud mouth in my school days and I often disrupted the class and got in trouble a lot for tardiness and chewing gum and other silly things your not supposed to do in school. I was reprimanded time and time again with the punishment called “In School Suspension”. I was put in a cubical for the entire school day, in an empty classroom, alone, my teachers brought my assignments in and I was supposed to sit in solitary confinement and quietly do my studies.  I goofed off of coarse, listening to my CD player and copying drawings from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic books. However, I owe what ever talent I have for drawing to those wonderful teachers whom I annoyed. It was they who sentenced me to my all day detention where I spent hour upon hour learning and honing my drawing skills, and also to the comic book artists who’s work I copied day after day.

In todays drawing we see the desk I worked at so many years ago when I was in school. A dotted and textured background represents the orange canvas wall of the cubical I was in, you can also see three of the drawings I worked on that day; the key to Hell, Dream himself and his sister Death. On the right is the comic, Sandman – Season of Mist, inside it the pages I loved to copy. In the upper left of the drawing is my CD player, a juice box and a Misfits CD. Scattered about are a few sharpies, a pencil and an eracer. Located on the bottom right you can see where I scratched the surface of the desk with a paper clip to spell out; “Jackie Was Here”.

I would imagine middle school cartoonists these day may have a similar set up, except maybe now a ipod in exchange for a portable CD player.

Here is an article about an after school Cartooning program at the YMCA, I wish I could have found something as cool as this to get involved in when I was a kid. This article inspired today’s drawing request by Tommia.

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2 Responses to 31 Pieces 2-2

  1. tommiaw says:

    Meant to comment on this a while ago – I love the essays you include with your drawings – filled with as many details as the drawings you have so marvelously created!

    • Thanks, it’s fun to work with what ever comes up. I’ve noticed that when the request subject is related to my school days, like this request and the first one from my school buddy, I draw like I did in high school. It’s like that Jackie still lives in my brain and comes out to draw the appropriate pictures.

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