31 Pieces 2-3

31 Pieces 2-3 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request is brought to us by Misty.

Misty writes in; “I love post apocalyptic things. Draw me something where the world is all messed up in the future.”

Here, in this drawing, we have a post apocalyptic scene. Buildings, once the forceful backdrop to a strong, thriving city are now in ruins as scattered remnants of our lost civilization litter a deserted battlefield.

Several Days Earlier…

More than anything in the whole world, little Jessica wanted a Mama’s Little Mitzi Doll for her birthday. She was delighted, when opening gifts at her 7th birthday party, to have unwrapped the doll she longed for so much. Mama’s Little Mitzi was packaged in her own cardboard cradle and came with; a potty, a bottle you could put water in to feed her and a plastic locket snapped closed concealing a cartoon character of Mitzi for her new little mommy to proudly wear around her neck.

Seven days after Jessica opened her new toy, which she handled so carefully one would have thought she was nursing a real baby, she woke up to find the sky on fire. Her parents and half of their house was missing. She looked outside and found the once intimidating cityscape reduced to one walled silhouettes barely standing and like any good mommy her first thought was of her baby. In her nighty and her pink fuzzy slippers Jessica left behind her severed house like a child’s plaything escaping  a doll house, to look for her dear little baby. Oh, Mama’s Little Mitzi where can you be?

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