31 Pieces 2-5

31 Pieces 2-5 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s drawing almost didn’t happen. I have a poor little boy home sick with the puke bug. I did manage to get some drawing time in while he was resting…

So today’s request is brought to us by Jennifer.

Jennifer writes in; “Skullaflies – I love skulla flies – human skulls with butterfly wings – they can be cute and bright – or dark and frightening. My suggestion.”

In this drawing I made a skullafly Day of the Dead style.

Skullafly in the sky! I can fly twice as high! Guiding souls to Charon’s boat and over the rainbow!!! Yeah!

I’m gonna have to explore this idea properly when I have more time to work on it…

Awesome suggestion Jennifer. 🙂

Now I’m off to continue mom/nurse duty, good night.

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