Attention Readers! Make a Request!

Hey folks,

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, and thanks to everyone who has made a request so far, I hope I’ve been able to entertain and delight you.

I am still working hard on my project 31 Pieces. Everyday I take a random suggestion from a random reader to make a small drawing. I will continue to draw a picture everyday for the entire month of March and at the end of the month when I’ve completed 31 drawings, all from the same piece of paper, torn into individual canvases, I will join them together like a puzzle into one work.

I will be out of suggestions after today’s request. I need 31 random ideas from 31 different people. So if you haven’t made a request yet, now’s your chance!

Please help me complete this social art experiment, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

In the words of my buddy Casz, “Let’s Make Epic S#!t!”

Thanks for participating.

Your Pal,

Jackie F.

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19 Responses to Attention Readers! Make a Request!

  1. Starr Hill says:

    How about when you look right into the sun and there are those little spots, kind of like amoebas, on your eyes… Sometimes they look like dandelion blooms.


    the perspective from inside a trashcan looking out…


    a ladybug.


    a dog’s nose.

    a cracked windshield…

  2. Tall order, I wonder if I could incorporate all those ideas into one drawing?

  3. Tokul Crafts says:

    a cresting wave stuck inside a bubble

    a cloud trapped inside a cage

  4. Annie says:

    Strawberries with the vines & leaves ^_^ very organic.

  5. Thanks to everyone who is putting in requests. Your order will be up shortly in the days to come. Thanks for participating. 🙂

  6. MamaCasz says:

    Woohoo! Do Yo Thing! Make it Epic! Hells Yeah!

  7. 3-24-2011

    Hey folks, just and update here. I need 7 more requests from 7 different people who have not requested yet to finish my project 31 Pieces. Please participate now if you have not done so already and help me complete this social art experiment.

    Thanks, your participation is greatly appreciated.

    Your Pal,
    Jackie 🙂

  8. Jason Sharp says:

    How about the view looking down into a full cup of coffee, a sleepy reflection of eyes and nose staring back out of the coffee cup from the shiny black surface.

  9. Hi Jackie

    How about Godzilla helping rebuild Japan


    the smallest kitty cat in the world

  10. Robert Adame says:

    A child popping out of a box or container scaring someone. Living jack in the box : )

  11. As of 9:50a.m. on 3/28/11:
    I am in need of only one more request to be able to complete my project 31 Pieces. Thank you to all who have participated so far.

    Who’s gonna request the 31st Piece?

  12. john wilmot says:

    Pastries, maybe a lemon meringue pie, or petit fours, french macaroons piled high. kids with ice cream cones….

  13. Thanks for all the requests, I now have enough to finish my project!

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