31 Pieces 3-4

31 Pieces 3-4 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request is from Star.

Star writes in, “How about when you look right into the sun and there are those little spots, kind of like amoebas, on your eyes… Sometimes they look like dandelion blooms.

Or…the perspective from inside a trashcan looking out…Or…a ladybug .Or…a dog’s nose. Or…a cracked windshield…”

Tall order. I couldn’t pick just one so I challenged myself to incorporate all of Star’s ideas.

You wake up uncomfortable by the intense heat. Something smells…bad, very bad. Your vision comes into focus, you find that you’ve spent the night in a garbage can. You can’t remember how you got there. The last thing you can recall is smoking peyote with Chief Cane Pan of the Vindaloo Tribe. You traveled seven days by gypsy caravan to the Vindaloo Sweat Lodge on the Watermelon Plains to learn how to hunt the Jub Jub Bird and become a man.

Now you do not know what has happened. Outside is an unusual figure. It appears to be some sort of devil boy. You watch him slump across the desert sands. He seemed to have stared into the sun too long and is suffering from sun-spot disorientation.

In the distance you see he has abandoned his 58′ Ford. The windshield is terribly cracked and filthy, you wonder how he managed to drive it out this far. Nearby a dog is barking, the sound is startling, but more unnerving still you find that you have just been discovered.

A ladybug the size of a toddler is staring into the trashcan straight into your eyes. She appears to be hostile.

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