31 Pieces 3-5

31 Pieces 3-5 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request comes to us from Brooke.

Brooke writes in; ” A Ghost Girl”

I had my head under the pillow trying to get some sleep. I could smell the lavender fabric softener that mother always used on the laundry. The fragrance comforted me, but tonight I was restless.

It was our first night in the new house. It was so much nicer and bigger than our other house but it lacked the warmth that comes from day to day life. It was cold, very cold. I knew there was a box in the hallway by the stairs with extra blankets. I rolled out of bed and wiggled my feet into their slippers. The light coming from the hallway was a bright blue green, I reached for the light switch only to find that it had been off all the time. I curiously looked around the corner to find the source of this mysterious light.

That’s when I saw…her.

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One Response to 31 Pieces 3-5

  1. writingwildy says:

    Great job Jacque!
    love the pic!

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