31 Pieces 3-6

31 Pieces 3-6 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request comes to us from the secretive “Anonymous 33”.

Anonymous writes in; “I’d like to see you put some heart into this project, an anatomical heart perhaps.”

This request is both spiritual and scientific.

When I chose this experiment I made the conscience decision to devote a small portion of each day to focus on my creativity. I also focus on each request individually and try to really connect with each idea so that the reader will feel special and throughly entertained.

As for myself, doing this work makes me blissfully happy, I know I will devote my life to three things, my family, my friends and my creative pursuits.

With every heartbeat of this project my creativity becomes stronger and stronger and as this happens stress and negativity give up their valuable real estate in my brain, heart and soul. I am beginning to feel enlightened.

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