31 Pieces 4-5

31 Pieces 4-5 by Jackie Fedyk

Today we have a family request. A tribute to the matriarch of the Fedyk family, Queenie.

The late great Mama Queen has been described as; “a woman with flair” and “a real a kick in the pants”. She was a bright eyed passionate woman with an endless chronicle of odd and entertaining stories.

Today’s drawing is an illustration of a young Queenie’s  encounter with a ghost.

This is a tale that my husband and his brothers remember vividly from their childhood.

I’ve heard the story told like this…

A young Queenie is working her paper route on a bicycle that her father made out scraps of whatever he could find laying around the house, a homemade bicycle.

She is just about finished with her route and about to head home, when suddenly a ghost rises out of the sidewalk in front of her causing her to abruptly stop her bicycle.

Now, I heard she described the ghost as a sheet, with eyes and a mouth cut out. It dramatically raised it’s haunting arms up into the air and shouted either, “Whoooooo!” or “Wubba Wubba!” before descending once again into the cracked sidewalk from which it emerged.

Queenie, you were indeed a kick in the pants and I’m glad I had the chance to know you. I’d like to send my love and respect to the family and loved ones of Mama Queen. She will be missed.

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