31 Pieces 4-6

31 Pieces 4-6 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request comes from Quinnleeeee.

Quinnleeeee writes in; “Astro Boy and I request a zippy chipmunk or a squirrel that’s a bit off.  The squirrel is so fat it has to shimmy slowly up the fence post without grace and/or it boldfaced buries its peanut in an old bathtub full of dirt right in front of you.  The chipmunk, by contrast, is the slickest, tricksiest critter you ever saw.”

Meet Ub the fat chipmunk. Ub was born in a litter of eight healthy chipmunks and had to fight for every drop of mother’s milk and ever morsel he had ever eaten. His childhood consisted of one fight after another in order to survive.

But that was then and this is now. Now Ub is the big boss of the East Side Rodent Moffia. If Ub says jump, you modest mouse, you had better ask how high or be prepared to pony up the cost of your fur coat.

Ub sells the coats of his disloyal subjects to hillbilly fur trappers, in exchange for sweet, sweet peanuts.

Peanuts and tail is all Ub is concerned with in his self centered world of gluten and greed. His bank is a rusty bathtub filled with dirt in Old Lady McPhee’s back yard. She had used to plant pansies in it every spring up until her arthritis started acting up, now you’ll see Ub on any given day boldfaced burring peanuts in his secure deposit. No sane creature would ever violate his precious stash for fear of loosing their fur…

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One Response to 31 Pieces 4-6

  1. quinnleeeee says:

    I love it! I can see the evil in his awesome eyes!

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