31 Pieces 4-7

31 Pieces 4-7 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request comes from Robin.

Robin writes in; “I’ll take a drawing of the contents of a very sad man’s refrigerator.”

Here we see Jeffery. Jeff has had a tough year, he lost his job, his car was repossessed and Mrs. Bixby died.

Mrs. Bixby is Jeffery’s cat. They’ve been the very best of friends since the first day they met 18 years ago. Mrs. Bixby was just a kitten then. Pure white, he had found her in his younger days drinking garbage juice behind the burger joint where he held his first job.

Mrs. Bixby was an extraordinary cat. She fetched the morning paper. She ate all the spiders in the house and she kept his mother out of his apartment, his mother was allergic to cats.

Jeff could not bare to part with Mrs. Bixby and he still needed her to keep his mother at bay, so he keeps her in zip-lock baggy in the fridge. He takes her out for  an hour on Thursday nights to watch reruns of Jeopardy on the Game Show Network, it was an old ritual for them both and even Mrs. Bixby’s death could not keep him from it.

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