31 Pieces 5-1

31 Pieces 5-1 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request comes to us from Tim.

Tim writes in; “how about a frog and a kangaroo playing tether ball in 20’s style swimsuits. Both male, and the ball is made out of bacon!!”

Frank Frog and Roger Roo have been best friends since grade four, but now as young adults they’ve begun their first feud. A woman is to blame. A swell young doll by the name of Henrietta Hedgehog. Well, she drives all the fellas crazy and she has both Frank and Roger wrapped around her little finger. She toys with them to see how far one will go to out do the other. So far over Henrietta, Frank and Roger have tied in a drag race, a potato sack race, a game of mini golf and now for their final battle they face one another in the 1922 Summer Bacon Tether-Ball Tournament…TO THE DEATH!!! The winner takes all!

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