31 Pieces 5-3

31 Pieces 5-3 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request comes from Bryan.

Bryan writes in; “Hi Jackie, how about Godzilla helping rebuild Japan or the smallest kitty cat in the world.”

I really like the idea of Godzilla rebuilding Japan, I like it so much it may have to be a separate project. So I chose to draw the smallest kitty cat in the world.

Hank and Lulu had split up for good this time, and Hank went on a three day binge. He’d drink till he’d black out and spend most of his time gambling and mess’in with loose woman. Hank roused one Sunday afternoon after a bender. He had the most terrible hangover that he had ever experienced thus far. He stumbled out of bed over to couch and drank the last warm, flat gulp out of a nearly depleted beer can left over from the night before. Hank took a moment to make the room slow down and stop it’s nauseating spin, he stared at the ceiling contemplating it all. His life was going nowhere. He had no real friends, the woman he’d loved was gone for good and now he was alone. Hank was wondering if it was worth it…life?

He rubbed his eyes and reached for a cigarette, feeling hopeless, helpless and lonely. As Hank bent down toward the coffee table he saw something, something soft and sweet in this ugly world, a tiny kitty cat no bigger than the tip of his thumb.

The kitty got up, causally stretched and made it’s way over to Hank’s hand where it was resting on the table top. The kitty rubbed affectionately on Hank’s knuckles and gave a few licks with it’s microscopic sandpaper tongue.

Hank did not know where the kitty came from but he knew they were destined to become the best of buddies. He named the kitty Matches and fashioned a bed for him out of a matchbox, he still carries that funny little cat in the front pocket of his western shirt to this very day. So if you see Hank ask him about “Matches” he’ll be pleased to show you his best friend, the smallest kitty cat in the world.

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One Response to 31 Pieces 5-3

  1. AWESOME!!!!! I want the smallest kitty in the world. 🙂 Hank can keep em tho, he needs him

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