31 Pieces 5-4

31 Pieces 5-4 by Jackie Fedyk

Today’s request comes from Robert.

Robert writes in; “A child popping out of a box or container scaring someone. Living jack in the box : )”

There’s something not quite right about Baby Gonzo. A child pulling levers behind the wizard’s curtain. He lurks in the heart of his master, a frightening monster who controls his world with fear. He’s the voice who tells you to play with matches, he’s the curiosity that leads you into the deepest darkest part of the forest, he’s the joker in the box waiting to for you to turn the crank. Beware of Baby Gonzo he wants to lure you into the realm of his insanity. I think it best, if you open this Pandora’s box, to appease this mischievous hellbender. He may be subdued only by his two weaknesses, a heart shaped box of chocolates and Roadrunner cartoons.

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