31 Pieces 5-6

31 Pieces 5-6 by Jackie Fedyk

Here we are with our last request of the month coming to us from Kaptain Kuttroat.

The Kaptain writes in; “A zombie tzar in a rusty old sports car! or an apple with an arrow through it.”

Klaus, the Tzar of the Kingdom of Mars was bitten by a rabid apple. Before the early stages of brain rot set in Klaus vowed revenge on wretched fiend. He grabbed his bow and arrows and jumped in his rusty old convertible jalopy.

The apple monster was dead ahead and Klaus had only two braincells left to complete his last act before turning zombie. It was a successful act of vengeance…


Stay tuned next month for the unified 31 Pieces, when all will be joined together as one.

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One Response to 31 Pieces 5-6

  1. kaptain kutthroat says:

    Girl you rock, can’t wait tell their all connected together.

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