A Picture Worth 1000 Words

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I just finished an old project that’s been on the floor of my closet for two years. I don’t know why I abandoned this project, it’s beautiful!

The picture I drew is from a photo of a doll that I took in an antique store. The drawing that makes the face of this dolls is made up of many different stories that I wrote by hand. Hope that makes sense.

I do need to go get a proper eraser to get rid of my pencil marks, then I think I’ll have it framed. I’ve been thinking about creating an Avant-Garde In My Backyard Etsy store so I can sell the projects I post on here.

More to come…

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5 Responses to A Picture Worth 1000 Words

  1. Update: Still working on connecting 31 Pieces, should be up to view soon!

  2. writingwildy says:

    Jacque this is wonderful I love it! You combined two wonderful gifts writing and pictures into one beautiful piece. Congratulations!

  3. Jason Sharp says:

    This piece is super awesome!

  4. tommiaw says:

    Jackie, I am SO glad you finished this piece. When you described it, I thought I knew what I was going to see. The final product goes beyond what you’ve tried to ‘show’ me earlier!

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