The Church of the Sacred Heart of the Dreamer

I’ve found something that the world has lost, but it only comes to me in teasing flashes. A white lightning bolt illuminates the dark sky that has been engulfing the world we live in. It brightens up the smog filled factories we slave for and travels across the barren land. For one second, one brief moment, you can see it as the lightning fills the darkness with its radiance. You can see the magic that we’ve left behind hidden away in the darkness.

Who are the villains that have forced our ancestors to repress and hide this magic? Why did they convince our parents and our parent’s parents and so forth to ignore it? Call it silly? Say it’s not real or it doesn’t matter?

I’ve been looking for something ever since I can remember. I never knew quite what it would be, but I was sure I’d know it if I found it. And I did find it.  I’m still finding it; tiny pieces of it are here and there glowing in the darkness, hovering around exceptional people, places and things. It’s the ghost of what we once were before we let the darkness in.

I want to make a place where I can share the pieces of magic that I find. They deserve a sanctuary of their own. I want to build them a temple, a church to honor them as they so deserve to be honored.

And so today June 1, 2011 I hereby invent: The Church of the Sacred Heart of the Dreamer.

All dreamers, silly hearts, eccentrics, creators, artists and persons who seek the magic and beauty in life are welcome here.

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4 Responses to The Church of the Sacred Heart of the Dreamer

  1. tommiaw says:

    Wonderful discovery of the bits of magic! A Muse can find santcuary at this fantastical refuge.

  2. squirrelfist says:

    Just the use of ‘silly hearts’ made me grin! Can you try to include the words ‘frippery’ or ‘frivolity’ in a future CotSHotD sermon just because they’re rather charming?

  3. squirrelfist says:

    Yay brilliant news 🙂

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