Viva Frida

The Church of the Sacred Heart of the Dreamer

Sermon #1 – A New Religion

I feel it. I feel the force. I don’t deny or ignore it, I cherish it. I feel it in my own way and so should you. But today we’re talking about “my way”. I’m not saying I’m right but I am saying…I like the way I stumble across my spirituality and maybe you will too (in your own way). And if you do, like it too, you are certainly welcome to enjoy and practice our new religion with me. Welcome!

I’m building this church from the ground up, from thought to written word, from idea to project, from curiosity to experiment and onto whatever organically happens next.

The first thing I’m drawn to do, is mapping out our religion’s martyrs, saints and prophets.

The first Saintly Martyr that I’ve built a shrine to is Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo.

I first learned about Frida in a college art class. I was drawn immediately to her TRUTH!

The painting El Suicidio of Dorothy Hale by Frida,  was originally a request for a portrait. Clare Boothe Luce made the request after Dorothy Hale’s death. She was a friend of Dorothy’s mother and wanted to give the portrait to her as a gift.

Frida painted this as an answer to Luce’s request:

by Frida Kahlo

The painting is done in the style of a retablo or an ex-voto, a Mexican devotional painting, folk art, a votive offering.  Mexican retablos  are often violent, emotional and… truthful.

At the bottom of this painting the red text reads:

“In the city of New York on the 21st day of the month of October, 1938, at six o’clock in the morning, Mrs. Dorothy Hale committed suicide by throwing herself out of a very high window of the Hampshire House building. In her memory [words apparently painted out] this ‘retablo,’ executed by Frida Kahlo.”

This painting can be regarded as morbid when concidering it’s subject matter, but I respect the truth in this painting.The world is not always the pretty perfect place we would like it to be, sadly. I know this is not what Luce had in mind when she made her request to Frida, but I love that Frida told the truth, for whatever reason, in this painting and many others.

So for her courage to paint the truth, I hereby honor Frida Kahlo.

She shall, from this day forward,  be honored as the Patron Saint of Artistic Truth by The Church of the Sacred Heart of the Dreamer.

As I write this,I can almost hear a nagging voice in my head as I proclaim honor for the first Saint of our church.  The voice says, “Thou shall not worship false idles.” But to me Frida is not false. This painting proves her truth. She was a real living breathing woman, who besides the physical pain she suffered most of her life, managed to paint the world as she saw it in her heart. She deserves her Sainthood.

My Frida Shrine


Viva Frida!!!

Our church is a place to be our true selves and honor the magic that has too long been overlooked, the magic in our heros, our personal lives, ourselves and our universe!

Love yourself, family and  friends. Make stuff. Enjoy your life. Entertain. Don’t let your muse sit idlely beside you drowning in your frivolity.  Turn that frown all the way around!  Dress youself in outlandish frippery and remember to be true to you in the name of Frida Kahlo…KAPOW!


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2 Responses to Viva Frida

  1. A prayer for Dorothy Hale:
    I do not know anything about Dorothy Hale besides her likeness in this painting and the story I posted about it. Many people in this world sadly loose the ability to recognize the amazing gift that life really is. One true moment of despair and hopelessness can often push one over the edge.
    My wish for Dorothy Hale is that she finds peace on the next plain, or wherever she may be.
    Peace to All – KAPOW!

  2. squirrelfist says:

    Double ‘F’s 😉 Smooth!

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