Sound Advice from the Artist’s Way

Currently I am studying The Artist’s Way in an effort to unblock my creative arteries. Every week I go over the program’s basic principles and I’ve noticed that they would be a sound foundation for our church’s so-called gospel.

Let’s call this sermon #2

The Gospel of Creative Prophet Julia Cameron:

Author, Julia Cameron has created a system to help anybody who would like to live a more creative lifestyle. The system is a 12 week program called The Artist’s Way. I checked this book out from the library to educate myself in the mystical ways of the artist. It sounded “zen” to me, the title, so I read it. Then I listened to the book. Then I went online a bought the workbook.

I have been enjoying the exercises and tasks in my workbook. These exercises leave me feeling spiritually charged. I like the message in the program’s Basic Principles and it seems to jive with my idea for The Church of the Sacred Heart of the Dreamer.

Inspiration from The Basic Principles:

*Creativity is the natural order of life! – It is. Let’s make stuff, its only natural.

*A creative force is humming inside of us! – Unleash that bastard and make something epic and cool.

*Open your heart to creativity! – Don’t be afraid to bring your crazy ideas to life. Build that crazy sculpture you envisioned in your minds eye. Construct it in you backyard and invite the neighbors over to see it.

*We are creations! – Where did we come from and why? Who knows? Maybe you should make your theory about it into a comic strip or a short film. (send me a link if you do)

*Your creativity is a gift! – Share it! If you make something you’re proud of send it out into the world. Don’t be afraid.

*Refusing to create is not natural. – Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of making something cool. Create the time to try something new and inventive.

*Be open to exploring creativity. – Once you start the work, the work will tell you what to do next.

*Listen to your muse. – When you honor your muse by creating the projects you imagine in your brain, you will be amazed at the crazy things that fall into place. Powerful forces will change your life and work in a positive way.

*Is it safe? – Yes, it’s safe to open yourself up to your creative forces. Don’t be afraid to create.

*Dreams and yearnings for creativity is divine! – Find your true self and be what you’ve always imagined. Who’s stopping you?


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3 Responses to Sound Advice from the Artist’s Way

  1. caszbrewster says:

    Do Epic Shit! Praise Creativity! Don’t stand in my way. Can I get an Amen?

  2. KAPOW!

    kapow=amen 🙂

  3. I have bought the same book awhile back! It has helped me in so many ways!

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