The Cindy Sherman Experiment – Part 1 Becoming a Man

Before my transformation

Welcome to this installment of Actuate, from the RBSCA. Today I am studying under artist/photographer Cindy Sherman. Cindy Sherman is known for turning the camera on herself. She transforms into different characters and takes portraits.

I first learned about Cindy years ago in college. My photography teacher showed us a slide show of famous and unique photograhers. I remember most from that class Diane Arbus and Cindy Sherman.

Recently, I had the chance to learn more about Cindy on the PBS show Art 21 from my Netflix queue.

I decided I better try this out for myself to see how it felt. I have never been comfortable in my own skin, I have often wondered how it would feel to be somebody completely different.

I got out my tripod, camera and costume box. I spent the morning transforming into another person. I really wanted to see how different I could make myself look.

I have to say this experience was highly satisfying. It feels fantastic to be another person. I can see how Cindy Sherman can loose herself in the realm of this unique art form.

Without further adieu, let me introduce you to my first character from what I like to call, The Cindy Sherman Experiment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

more transformations to come…

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4 Responses to The Cindy Sherman Experiment – Part 1 Becoming a Man

    • Interesting, I have not seen that before. Thanks for sharing with me. Opening up my personal learning assignments to the public has given me opportunities to expand my knowledge of art and artists in new ways that I never even knew existed. Thanks for offering me some perspective on my current studies…and have an awesome day. 🙂

  1. elmediat says:

    Intriguing work. There is a Canadian photographer out of Toronto who created a family album of imagined relatives by photographing himself in different styles of dress that reflected time and place.

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