Tangram in the Wardrobe

A few months back I went to my neighbor’s house at 10pm on a week night to help her celebrate the completion of a very difficult test. She was taking some kind of final or a board test or something. I can’t remember. I think maybe I can’t remember because I had quite a few, very strong, vodka drinks that night. We told stories laughed, sang, played ukulele and had a great time. Around 2am I stumbled out their front door in the happiest of spirits with a gleeful, “Gunight Jackie, oh wait take this thing home and sheck it out. Its pretty great!” My neighbor’s husband shoved a book about Chinese Tangram Puzzles under my arm and sent me out the door.

The book has a collection of puzzles and all seven of the Tangram shapes. I’ve kept this book on my shelf for the last 2 months with the intention of animating some Tangram puzzles, and today I finally followed through.

I just did a few shapes to practice movement. I really like the way they turned out and I think I’m gonna try and make a little story and a more detailed animation with these. So, when I’m done with that, maybe I’ll have my neighbors over for vodka drinks and a viewing of the animation of their Tangram Puzzles.

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