Rocket Dog Rocket Kid Rocket Elephant

I’ve been working on this project for about a week, just finishing it up today.

In this experiment you can see my current evolution in stop-motion animation.  The experiment was started last week. I’ve been studying the art of pixilation animation. Pixilation animation is a technique in which you animate live people or live animals.

I practiced first with my dog Rosco. Then I practiced with a live actor (Jasper in his Wolverine Costume). Then I wanted to see how smooth of an animation I could get, so I used a stuffed elephant named Nelly. Stuffed elephants are much easier to pose than dogs or children. Nelly’s animation looked a lot smoother.

The music worked out perfect, it is called Rocket by Eric Edward.  I hope you enjoy this next experiment:

Rocket Dog Rocket Kid Rocket Elephant

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