Rattlesnake Sunrise Time-Lapse Part 2 – Almost Caught That Bastard

The bastard I’m referring too, is of coarse, that pesky shadow that crawls off the mountain as the sun rises behind me. This morning I set myself up for more trouble by over sleeping and forgetting to charge my camera.

My friend Brooke came over for a visit last night and we stayed up late hanging out and watching that old BBC show Black Books on the Netflix. Because of all that, I forgot to charge my camera.

Today I woke up at 7am because the alarm didn’t go off. I hurriedly got out of bed, put a coat on over my pajamas and sped off to Rattlesnake Ridge with my half charged camera and my tripod.

Oh my god! Was is windy today? Hell yes. It was even windier than yesterday and even though the gusts were violent enough to knock over a port-a-potty about 20 feet behind me I sat in my fold out chair as still and resilient at the mountain in front of me.

Now, I couldn’t tell from where I was sitting from behind the camera, but the frame turned out to be slightly catawompus. That’s ok though, because before the camera died I captured a bit of shadow movement across that ridge and I am very happy with that. However, I have deiced it is too cold to continue these sunrise experiments.

I will continue in the summer. My goal is to film a time-lapse sunrise from several locations at Rattlesnake Ridge and edit them together in one short film. I would like the clips to roll a bit faster too and I need to find the perfect locations. I’m going to start experimenting with adjusting the frames-per-second that I am filming with. I may try filming some busy streets next or maybe even some household chores. I’ll get a real handle on my time-lapse skills then go for this sunrise project again in June.

I’m learning a lot about shadow and sun movement in nature. I have to admit I have never in my life payed such close attention to these things. How very magical our world is. I will have to observe it even more closely. It’s like uncovering a whole new plain of existence.

Today’s film is a bit rushed and boring. However, it was a good study in shadow movement. I have the time-lapse set at top speed, but I still want these projects to move faster. I will adjust my frames-per-second in my next experiment.

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2 Responses to Rattlesnake Sunrise Time-Lapse Part 2 – Almost Caught That Bastard

  1. I have to admit I lost interest in the shadow and got enthralled with the movement of the trees in the waves of the wind. I never noticed how much they really move, and catching the time lapse made the forest seem alive….as of course, it is. Very cool.

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