Tic Tac Toe Ability and a Nasty Black Eye

Jasper's Booboo Eye

Our family has had a rough week. Thursday morning I got a call from the school. The nurse said Jasper had a playground accident and was in the office with a nasty bump and a few tiny cuts. Immediately after I hung up the phone I got in the car and drove to school. I found Jasper in a lot of pain in the nurses office with an ice pack and a nasty bump on his eye. I deiced I better just go ahead and take him to the ER and make sure that he was ok. At the local ER they did some x-rays and found that Jasper had a significant fracture in his eye socket. They sent us to Children’s Hospital where he was examined again by other doctors who said he had a concussion as well. He also saw an opthamologist. Lucky for us Jasper didn’t do any damage to his actual eye, in fact he has 20/20 vision, but we may have to get some surgery to repair that nasty fracture. Soon we will know more about surgery and what happens next.

For now he is in good spirits. He’s doing great and is his usual awesome self. I got a new camera for an early Valentine’s gift and so I passed on my old camera to Jasper. He could not wait to make a stop-motion animation.

In this film Jasper did the animation all by himself and Dad took the photos of him with his sign. Jasper made up this song and Myke recorded some samples of Jasper singing, playing and clapping. The samples were edited together to make this awesome song!

When the world is crazy, when you’re worried and waiting, when times get tough, the best thing to do is something creative and fun to pass the time…

Please enjoy Jasper’s new song and video, Tic Tac Toe Ability…

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One Response to Tic Tac Toe Ability and a Nasty Black Eye

  1. feathertailsblog says:

    awesome possum jasper! hope your eye is feeling better dude! you look tough! keep being tough and brave and making more cool videos! echo

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