Healing Fast and Stitching Up Anxiety

Update on Jasper –

Jasper’s Fixed Eye!

We took Jasper to the doctor over a week ago. The doc showed us the x-rays. Jasper had broken the entire bottom out of his left eye socket in a playground accident. In the x-ray you could see a big hole there and a piece of a broken bone in his sinus area. He had surgery on Valentine’s Day to repair the damage. He now has an implant made of plastic and titanium mesh to fill in the gap. I am happy to report that he is healing rapidly and doing great! He’s pretty much back to his normal happy self.

We are all doing very well. However, it was some scary, heartbreaking business to watch your little guy go through an injury this. I learned something new about myself in the process.

Accidents happen, one day everybody is happy and healthy and the next day your driving your kid to the ER with a broken eye socket! Through the whole thing Jasper was calm and cooperative with the doctors and everybody else who needed to help him. He didn’t even cry except for when he first got hurt. He did great during the craziness, everybody did great.

But after surgery when everything was all over with and it was confirmed by the doc that Jasper was ok, I found that I had come apart at the seems. I had been scared, more scared than I had ever been in my whole life and my brain was broken from all the waiting, worrying and anticipating. I needed to fix myself, so while Jasper was recuperating I stayed right beside him and  I began stitching up the wounds, literally.

I got one of my patterns, a needle, some thread and I embroidered. I embroidered all day, every day for a week. Jasper played video games, watched movies, read comics and ate ice cream. I made pillows with intricate patters and tiny stitches. It was a healthy way for me to work the stress and anxiety away.

In the past, even before I ever tried sewing, my drawings and paintings always had marks on them like stitches. I have stitches tattooed on my arm. Now I understand what to do with all these stitches. It’s my way to get better. It’s a way to fix the things that get broken, and when I’m in good working order I can properly do what I need to. I can be there for those who need me.

For me, sewing is a quiet way to focus and stitch up the all those scattered thoughts. It irons out the darkness and helps to keep me together.

My Week of Stitches

Here are two pillows, hand stitched and made of felt with patterns from Sublime Stitching, (my favorite place to get patterns). Below the pillows are two patterns I made myself. It’s Don Knots and Phyllis Diller. The cartoon artwork I found online, it’s the original art work from the title screens of Scooby Doo. I plan on making patterns and embroidering pillows of the special guest stars from Scooby Doo. Right now I’m working on Sonny and Cher. I think it will be an interesting set when I’m all done. I’m working on some of the villains too. Stitching has become a nightly ritual for me since Jasper’s surgery. I love it.

Things are almost back to normal, that means more adventures in stop-motion animation coming soon…

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4 Responses to Healing Fast and Stitching Up Anxiety

  1. caszbrewster says:

    I love the dear one. Glad everyone is stitched back together.

  2. tommiaw says:

    The analogy of stitching is powerful here. The artwork looks great and great news to hear Jasper’s on the mend.

  3. racheycarter says:

    I’m so glad Jasper is doing well. I know how draining that level of fear and anxiety can be. Knitting is my meditation in times of stress. I *love* your beautiful stitched creations!

  4. Colleen Harpold says:

    Thank you for sharing! Beautifully said and beautiful creations coming out of a difficult time. Very inspirational! So glad Jasper is feeling better and all healed up!

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