Paper Animation

So a couple few weeks back I was learning about paper animation. I’m still learning about it, and because I’m so smitten with the magic of it all I have started some paper experiments.

I spent a day fast forwarding through Monty Python episodes to watch the Terry Gilliam cartoons and cutting out figures from magazines. Then I watched the Terry Gilliam video on how to make an animation. I followed his process for this first experiment.

Myke is going to help me build an over head camera mount out of PVC pipe and skateboard bearings. Then I will have a better angle with my camera. I also want to build some light boxes and experiment with that. I have studied up on different lighting techniques so next time my lighting should go better. I’m just kinda playing with it and having fun. I do have a script I’ve been working on for a paper animation. I’m very driven to figure out how to do this so I can get this story going. I’m just that much closer every time I experiment.

I’m calling this experiment Paper Animation Test 1 and the awesome music is an original song by Jasper.

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