…One Month Later…

I made these creepy cute amigurumis.

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted last. I’ve taken a tiny break from animation to indulge in crocheting cuteness. That is to say, I’ve spent the last month sitting on the couch crocheting amigurumi monsters while watching back to back episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

When I started crocheting I only knew how to chain and single crochet, the two basic stitches, but thanks to the awesome book Creepy Cute by Christen Haden, I can now create adorable fiendish friends.

Crocheting has helped me work through a month of late winter depression along with spending time and playing music with my real life friends and also my fake TV friends (Lenard, Penny and Sheldon).

Creepy Cute by Christen Haden

Now I’m ready to proceed with more wonderful experiments in animation! I am happy to report that Myke has finished building my overhead photography rig. I also have means to connect my camera to my computer, so now I can experiment with creating stop-motion in real time. Before now I just did all my shots on the fly and now I have means to map the movements out to perfection.

I’m looking forward to creating more animations, who knows maybe I can invent some new characters with my awesome crocheting skills.

The overhead camera rig that Myke built for me.

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